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Kyle James update


My sister just told me that they brought Kyle out of a medically induced coma and told him he was in accident.  they tested his fingers and toes he can move them.  this means he can at least realize he was being asked to do something and could.  very good news.  Cognitive thought is always good. 


here is his car




here is Kyle in his new home for a month.  or longer glad he was not on his motorcycle.

Pray he does well



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Kyle James is in Coma from head injury


I was just letting my friends and family know about the status of my nephew.  He had a car accident and has been in coma due to Dr. inducing the coma.  he has a level 2 brain injury and has a broken vertebra but no damage visible to spinal cord. we expect him to be in coma for next 5 days. 




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Dr’s visit

Mia likes going to the dr office


Waiting in the office common area. 

Mia wearing my hat and new dress I bought her.


close up of her

  Nice Eiore Diapers.  I know that will make Shawni very happy



The Dr checking out Mia


pulling herself up she will soon be sitting on her own,.


Standing on one hand



having fun sitting up


She having good time

The fun just started


I love candy


Oh Yeah i love it


Heaven.  on earth. 

More coming later.

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Mia Isabella Resnick gets fed by Daddy

Well so there are lots of new things all the time when you have your first child. 

First diaper change – Pictures coming soon hehehe

First sleepless night – worrying if she be ok

First time to eat non breast milk

first time to sleep through night

first time to dr Office

first month alive

i could go on and on and on.


this blog is the first time Mia was fed Oatmeal by her daddy.  (how exciting!!)

Look at the great view she has as she eats in her Bumbo. 


Look at way she does not make the mess her Daddy does. 


We are having a great time playing with our food.


someone does not like to eat at daddy’s pace.


Michelle our baby is not as messy as yours its just her Daddy is messy feeder.

Daddy not to much.

Food I love it.


well i am glad i had a chance to share this moment with everyone.  I hope you enjoyed my first and Mia’s first time to be fed by Daddy.

These photos were taken in Bogota Colombia at the dinner table of George’s house on March 12th, 2009. 


See you guys soon.

Mike Resnick

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Three Month Old – Statistics


Mia is now 3 month old on January 20th at 11:26 P.M.  She has had quite a time. e

She is an amazing little girl.  In her 3 months on this earth she has gained 6 lb since born.  A stunning 2 pounds a month.  By the age or 18. 

Mia is going to be 438 lbs.

Mia has grown 4.5 inches since she was born.  1.5 inches a month.

At this rate,

Mia is going to be 27 feet tall


Look how much she has grown.  3 days before she got her citizenship.

On her way to 27 feet tall.  I will have to remodel the house.  So my 27 foot baby will be able to walk in the house.

Day after Christmas. 

Right. I am going to be 27 feet.  I think I might be bigger than my parents. 

My Daddy is who?  Oh my god.  At least I have a great Mommy.

Family photo

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Introducing Mia Isabella Resnick

On October 20, at 11:26 P.M., Mia Isabella Resnick arrived a week early.  She came into this world with all important items.  All fingers, toes  mouth and all other things you expect on a amazing baby girl.  

Despite the luck of the draw for a father she ended up with a damn good mother.  Caring, loving and fierce protector of Mia.



Here I get to meet Mia for first time. after struggling to get fastest flight out and not blow bank leaving.  I flew to Miami  arrived at around the time Mia was born.  I spent the night in airport to catch the 7:45 am flight to Bogota.  I could not sleep at all.  I just came airport to hospital to see Angelica and Mia.



Here is our first family portrait with Mia

Mia statistics in Metric and English.

Weight: 3  kg or 6 lb

Height: 49 cm or 19 inches

Hair: black

Eyes: not turned yet might be hazel might be brown

Voice: loud when she wants attention

appetite: insatiable.  until Angelicas Milk came in the colostruim was insufficient.  No sleep at all round clock for Angelica.  I slept a little here and there but never good sleep.

I bought this bear outfit in Dallas long time ago.  I could not wait to see Mia grow into it. 


Angelica made this robe for Mia.  See her name on it.  she is already into designer cloths. Does she have me wrapped around her finger?  The governor of Alaska would say "you betcha".



She is already bored with the paparazzi.


Mia showing off her cloths.  This is a designer outfit from my sister Michelle to finish the ensemble she has a nice hat to keep her warm in Bogota nights.



We had to rearrange whole apartment to bring in Mia’s bassinet.  You can see she has great taste look at the MSFT bear in picture.



Well being the good father you are ever vigilant to your baby’s needs.  someone feel asleep burping baby.



after waking

We thank everyone for all blessings. We have more picts to put up.

I also put some picts on facebook so to see just add me as a friend.

Thanks everyone.


Mike, Angelica and Mia

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